A portfolio of the interactive web applications I’ve created using a combination of R and JavaScript


Dinner and a Movie

A svelte website to explore Phish’s Dinner and a Movie broadcasts

Dr. Mark Jaffe

A Doctors Office website using Svelte and Mapbox

Expressions Application

An application to explore quasiquotation, expressions, and evaluation in R

Innovations in Climbing

A deep dive article series for Momentum Climbing on the history of climbing

Mastering Shiny Solutions Manual

A solutions manual to accompany Hadley Wickhams Mastering Shiny


A blocks based coding language to learn rstats programming


An htmlwidget of a github inspired calendar


A API wrapper to extract Phish data in R


A custom shiny input binding that allows the user to click on body parts and color them based on data


A custom shiny input binding to either click on keys, or use in tandem with your keyboard


An application to explore ADaM datasets using a drag and drop table interface, plotly, and timevis