GSAP & Xaringan

Greensock is a JavaScript library that lets you animate DOM elements. I’ve honestly learned everything I know about GSAP from their 20 minute tutorial video and trial and error. Here I’ll go over the three steps needed to animate an element of your Xaringan slides: Import the Greensock CDN into the head of your slide html Create the elements you want to animate in markdown Create a JavaScript file with the GSAP code to make those elements move.

CSS Tips - Notes from CSS Grids

Rather than work through a specific question, this post is a collection of cool CSS tips and tricks I’ve learned through Wes Bos’s free CSS Grids course COLORS I spend a lot of time thoughtfully choosing color pallets, then spend an embarrassing amount of time figuring out what those HEX codes I picked out actually are. The first tip that blew my mind was that we can assign HEX codes to default color names that we want to use repeatedly in our main.