Moving DOM Elements in Shiny

As a Shiny web developer it’s really common to leverage existing packages to create your HTML. But what if a package gets you 90% of where you want to go, and you want to customize it a little? In this tutorial I give a default DT table a small makeover by combining the datatable’s dataTables_length element and the datatables `dataTables_info element. How did I find the names of these elements?

R Functions I Took for Granted

I’m always trying to sharpen my JavaScript skills and I thought a good way of doing this would be to turn some dataframes I had lying around into JavaScript arrays of objects. What resulted is a love letter to the little R functions that are in actuality powerhouses and make our lives so easy because the best way I’ve seen to write these in JavaScript is, well, cray.

My First Live Coding Interview

Yesterday I interviewed for a position maintaining and creating ShinyApps. To call that a JOB is crazy to me. I love developing reactive web applications, the fact that you can get paid to do that is still mind blowing. I’m realizing that having fun at work is actually a possibility! That said, the data scientist position usually includes a live coding portion. I went into it trying to treat my first one as practice, but every second I didn’t spend typing spanned an eternity.